Monday, February 9, 2009

Amazing Cooking

Today, I went to my grandma's ( Carol Parks, Owner of parks pals site)to cook. We cooked pizza and it was a heck alot of fun. My fav. parts of it were 1.) Cooking sweet italian suasage. and 2.) Neading the dough for the pizza. I enjoy cooking at my grandma's very much. I want to go again soon!


  1. Riles, That pizza turned out great. Papa and I had ours after you left and if was terrific. You guys really know how to cook up sausage and all the complimentary toppings. The fresh basil is the BEST. I always love having you over to cook. We'll do it again soon. Let's try something entirely new. How 'bout fajitas? Love you, Gramma

  2. Your Grandma Parks is super cool isn't she? Luck you!

  3. Yup those pizzas were goooooood. Way to go Brains!